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Mission Statement

The faculty at SDCC are committed to making your learning experience both fulfilling and challenging. Our success will be measured by the level of success you achieve both in our program and later in your new career as a Dental Assistant.

Renate Yow
Renate YowDirector of Education
As the Director of Education at Sandhills Dental Career Center (SDCC), I am excited to invite you to join our Dental Assisting/Dental Radiology Vocational Program…your first step to an exciting new career in Dentistry.  Having been a dental professional for over 30 years, I am passionate about the opportunity to share my experience with our students and assist them in developing a new career in dentistry.

I began my dental career as a dental assistant in military clinics in Germany and continued my career in Massachusetts and Virginia and have been fortunate to be a member of the Kuhn Dental Team since 1994.  Having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with our students brings me the greatest personal and professional satisfaction of my career.

We realize our students have many choices in training institutions; however, our team believes SDCC brings a unique learning experience because our instructors are currently working in the field of dentistry; therefore, staying current with procedures and materials that are being used in the field today.  We emphasize hands-on training from the very first day! 

Pat Newsome
Pat NewsomeClinical Director
I would like to welcome you to Sandhills Dental Career Center. I am Pat Newsome, co-owner and Clinical Director. I have been in dentistry for over 30 years and have had the benefit of being a part of a dental practice that has always been on the leading edge of the dental profession. Having been a dental assistant has helped me develop a philosophy and passion for patient centered dentistry.
I have been able to take advantage of numerous continuing dental credit courses including multiple classes at the Las Vegas Institute of Dental Training. I have found that continuing education courses enable one to stay abreast of new dental approaches and procedures and I have been fortunate to be involved in many such courses.
In 2007, we decided that we could use our experience and expertise to develop a dental career program that everyone could be a part of regardless of their current work schedule. Since its inception , we have graduated many students as qualified and competent dental assistants who have been able to take their place in the fast growing dental field.
We welcome you to our program and hope that you can develop the passion for this profession that we all share.
David R. Kuhn, D.M.D.
David R. Kuhn, D.M.D.CO-DIRECTOR
Dr. David R. Kuhn has been practicing dentistry since 1970. After receiving his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from the University of Kentucky relocated to Sanford and began private practice. He expanded his services to Aberdeen in 1987, where he now practices on a full time basis.

Dr. Kuhn is recognized as a pioneer in the fields of dental implants and providing complex full-mouth reconstructions. He has been helping patients achieve optimum oral health for over 30 years, and he stays current in the latest advances of modern dentistry through advanced education.

Mandy K. Grimshaw, D.D.S.
Mandy K. Grimshaw, D.D.S.CO-DIRECTOR
Dr. Mandy Grimshaw has been practicing leading-edge dentistry since 2005. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Dental School, she joined her father, Dr. David Kuhn in his private practice in Aberdeen, North Carolina.

Dr. Grimshaw has completed post-graduate coursework for treating sleep apnea and for providing cosmetic procedures at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She also uses her advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry to treat TMJ (jaw joint) disorders.

D. Ritt Kuhn, D.M.D.
After graduating from the University of Kentucky Dental School in 2006, Dr. Ritt Kuhn joined his father, David Kuhn and his sister, Mandy Grimshaw in the family practice.

A wide range of surgical and prosthetic skills give Dr. Ritt Kuhn the ability to provide complete dental implant procedures. His advanced education includes comprehensive coursework in the areas of dental implants and bone grafting, and he presents his cases to his peers on a regular basis.